A weekend-long hackathon for Laravel developers.

How it works


Register your team

You can work alone or with friends. You just need to enter a team name and contact email address.


Wait for the theme to be announced

We'll announce the theme 1 hour before the jam starts. This will give you enough time to think of an idea.


Design and build

Start designing and building your project. You're free to use open-source packages and projects, just avoid paid products with restrictive licenses.


Submit your project

Push your project to a GitHub repository and submit it for review. Our panel of judges will review your projects and rank them based on creativity, uniqueness and how close they match the theme.


Win prizes

After the projects have been ranked, we'll pick a handful of winners who will receive prizes kindly provided by members of the community.

Jetbrains Ray - Spatie Git Tower
and many more...

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